School Development Plan

School Development Plan
Significant Targets For The Year Ahead 2017-18

Outcomes for Pupils

Continue to improve attainment and progress in mathematics by:

  • revising provision for teaching fluency / mental arithmetic
  • using senior leaders to strengthen booster provision
  • increasing the use of homework linked to gaps in learning
  • ensuring pupil workbooks evidence good progression in problem solving and reasoning
  • continuing to monitor pupil progress in lower key stage 2
  • ensure that all staff plan for an age appropriate cross curricular mathematics;

·   enhance mental arithmetic and fluency provision. Staff will use misconceptions and errors from tests to address gaps in learning. The pupils will then address their barriers as part of their homework as well as learning in lessons. Staff will also ensure more systematic teaching of times tables;

·   revise booster provision in year 6 to target pupils attaining just below age related expectations for the first part of the autumn term. The mathematics subject leader and the assistant headteacher will support with this.


Continue to improve attainment in reading comprehension and stamina by revising whole class and guided teaching offer.

•       increase the frequency of teaching of reading comprehension skills and reading stamina with the introduction of daily whole class reciprocal reading across Key Stage 2;

•       Provide staff training on guided reading and effective questioning to develop excellent comprehension and inference skills. Staff will them blend guided reading interventions with whole class text level teaching using high quality texts.


Quality of teaching, learning and assessment

Ensure that pupil peer and self-assessment procedures are consistent and become increasingly sophisticated as pupils move up Key Stage 2, in particular in Science. This should include opportunities for pupils to devise their own success criteria and the most efficient methods for presenting their work and unpicking their learning

Use the coaching model to induct new members of staff in reception, year 1 and year 4 so that the quality of teaching, learning and assessment is securely good in these year groups.


Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

Continue to encourage pupils to articulate their learning and progress over time and to act on feedback to improve their work.


Leadership & Management

To develop an outstanding Science provision to secure excellence and high achievement in science and outdoor learning.

Continue to build distributed leadership for SEN/D and mathematics.

 Plan a programme of induction and support for the newly qualified teachers, the recently qualified teacher, the experienced teacher new to school in September 2017 and the two new members of the governing body so that there continues to be high levels of consistent provision.

•       plan an induction programme for the two new members of the governing body;

•       succession planning to distribute the leadership of special educational needs. A member of staff who teaches in year1 is going to start the SEN/D coordinator qualification to extend SEN/D roles and responsibilities;

•       extending mathematics leadership capacity by increasing the number of staff with subject leader strengths in maths and moderation across KS1

•       plan a comprehensive induction programme for staff new to school and the recently qualified teachers;

•       continue to develop the coaching and lesson study model to help ensure that the percentage of pupils attaining age related expectations at the end of key stage 2 in reading and mathematics is in line with attainment in writing by July 2018;

 Vision For The Next Five Years

We will have developed a dynamic governing body that is judged to be outstanding, that provides challenge, rigour and develops ambitious strategic plans.

We will sustain our focus on standards and personalised learning. We will ensure every child reaches their educational potential. Literacy and Numeracy will remain a priority to ensure standards remain high.

Continue to maximise each child's talents, whether it is a sporting, creative, artistic or an academic talent, we will continue to create a learning environment that both nurtures and provides opportunities for such talents to be recognised and celebrated. The creative arts and extracurricular provision are fundamental to the success of such an aim.

Continue to support the school in providing a curriculum offer that allows children to explore and challenge their own learning through creative and open-ended tasks.

Build on the strength of the school as a community where learning is a preparation for life.

We will be providing swift and easy access to on-line and school based learning resources and approaches for parents and carers.