Vision and Aims


  • To provide a happy, secure and safe environment where everyone feels valued and respected.
  • To create an atmosphere where children are comfortable in sharing their ideas and in respecting the ideas of others to become confident and competent learners. 
  • To encourage all of our children to achieve their potential and follow their aspirations, by providing them with the necessary skills for the future.
  • To provide opportunities to become confident and competent:  academically, socially and spiritually. To make learning inspiring, challenging, fun and meaningful!


  • We value diversity and individuality and encourage acceptance of all within our inclusive community.
  • We respect positive relationships, which foster both independence and teamwork by encouraging full participation where everyone's voice is heard. 
  • We take pride in our work, our School and our community.
  • We celebrate our successes and learn from our mistakes.


  • Rather than focus on only a child's academic or physical development, we recognize that children are made up of interconnected parts: mental, physical, socio-emotional and spiritual. 
  • Changes in any one part has impact on all of the others. At Redhill we are mindful of this and are able to offer support so a child's learning is not affected. 


  • We will have developed a dynamic governing body that is judged to be outstanding, that provides challenge, rigor and develops strategic plans.
  • We will sustain our focus on standards and personalized learning. We will ensure every child reaches their educational potential. Literacy and Numeracy will remain a priority to ensure standards remain high.
  • Continue to maximize each child's talents, whether it is a sporting, creative, artistic or an academic talent.
  • We will continue to create a learning environment that both nurtures and provides opportunities for such talents to be recognized and celebrated.
  • The creative arts and extracurricular provision are fundamental to the success of such an aim.
  • Continue to support the school in providing a curriculum offer that allows children to explore and challenge their own learning through creative and open-ended tasks.
  • Build on the strength of the school as a community where learning is a preparation for life.
  • We will be providing swift and easy access to on-line and school based learning resources and approaches for parents and carers.