• Our reading programme is tightly matched to our phonics teaching. Children read daily in guided groups. In the Early Years and in KS1, when children are at the decoding stage of reading, the books used in guided sessions are fully phonically decodable books. This enables the children to use their knowledge of phonemes to decode words. The teaching of high frequency words or tricky words at each stage of the letters and sounds programme also supports the reading development.  The books are mostly from the Oxford Reading Tree scheme, but there are additional books from Rigby Star and Ruth Miskin to support the reading programme. As the children develop their ability to decode phonetically the comprehension of text increases in importance with guided sessions focused on inference and deduction, developing a wider vocabulary and broadening their knowledge of authors, genres and themes.                
  • be able to read in ways that ensure learning across the curriculum;
  • be able to read with fluency and confidence;
  • see reading as enjoyable, rewarding and worthwhile;
  • be able to gain access to a wide range of reading materials for different  purposes;
  • become critical readers: increasingly able to see how texts create effects and  meanings; able to place their own ideas, experiences and values in relation to  those of the text.
  • Use the principles recommended by the Rose review focusing in the early stages of reading on using phonic strategies to decode words.
  • In the Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and when appropriate lower Key Stage 2, we have daily discrete letters and sounds sessions.
  • Throughout the school we have daily guided reading sessions outside of the Literacy session. 
  • The teacher plans and leads this making use of different types of questions related to the assessment focuses. 
  • The teacher records observations from these sessions to inform assessments.
  • Teachers and teaching assistants also listen to children read individually as often as possible and record. 
          Click here to download and view the Redhill reading policy 
          Advice on reading with your child         
  • Try taking it in turns to read. That allows you to model using punctuation to control pace.
  • Encourage your child to break down tricky words and sound them out.
  • Pause at regular intervals to check understanding.
  • Older, more confident readers may not want to read aloud to you. Encourage older readers to summarise the plot so far, talk about what the characters are like and ask them to make predictions about what might happen next. 
          Recommended Reading Texts 
  • Philippa Pierce – Tom’s Midnight Garden
  • Stig of The Dump – Clive King
  • Phillip Pullman
  • Michael Morpurgo
  • Alan Garner
  • Geoffrey Trease – Cue for Freedom
  • The Silver Sword – Ian Serrelliar
  • Geraldine McCaurghean – Stop The Train; Pack of Lies
  • Anything by Rosemary Sutcliff