Redhill Primary School follows the National Curriculum for Key Stages One and Two. In Reception we follow the Foundation Stage Curriculum. The development of language and skill in its use, underpins all other areas of the curriculum at Redhill. We recognise that children develop not only as readers and writers but also as speakers and listeners. For subject specific details please see the school prospectus. 

Learning is at the centre of all that we do, within a context based creative, flexible and enriched curriculum, which enables us to explore and understand the world around us, and our place within the International global community. We believe that education is about much more than academic achievement. We aim to develop the whole child, and provide extensive opportunities for them to explore, participate, and develop a keen sense of identity, responsibility and team work. We offer a range of residential visits including Kingswood Nursery and Infant Centre in Forest School and explore the Isle of Wight with Year 4 children. 


Ofsted 2013 stated that we provide: 

"Teachers have high expectations for their pupils. They engage all pupils well and are very aware of the different needs of individuals and groups in their class"

Attractive and varied resources, including laptop and tablet computers, are used very well to capture pupils’ interest so they enjoy learning and make good progress".

The quality of artwork on display and in pupils’ books is a strength in the school. Visual art projects are linked to the school’s focus on sustainability".

"There are excellent opportunities for developing both artistic and sporting skills".

"The impact of careful planning and well-paced delivery means that pupils are engaged in their studies at all times. Pair and group work are prominent features of classroom

"Activities and pupils demonstrate excellent skills and great confidence in communication and negotiation!"