The school's provision allows pupils to recognise the joy of achievement both within and outside of the statutory curriculum. At Redhill we value the creative arts and use these to enrich each child's learning experiences. Our commitment and enthusiasm for sport is celebrated locally. We strive to create a positive atitude towards P.E and it is hoped that the children will gain enjoyment from the physical education, thus promoting a healthy lifestyle. We are proud to be recognised as a school which embraces global links, having achieved The International School Award by the British Council. This works hand in hand with our Fairtrade School Status and therefore fulfils our aim to equip our pupils to become global citizens of the future, who are able to make a positive contribution.

Redhill Primary School and Nursery
At Redhill Primary School we are proud of our pupils, our staff and the positive atmosphere they create. The supportive ethos within the school enables pupils of all abilities to thrive as they grow and develop. We recognise the importance of achieving high standards as well as developing well rounded individuals. Our aim is to encourage personal individual success and to expect maximum commitment in all activities.